You Can Now Provide Liquidity on SushiSwap and earn $GOVI Rewards!

Following yesterday’s update about doubling the $GOVI rewards for traders, we are now opening a new incentive plan for those who provide liquidity on SushiSwap.

This allows The Crypto Volatility Index greater exposure to the Defi community while growing more liquidity to $GOVI.

The pairs are available here: ETH-COTI or ETH-GOVI

How to do it?

After providing liquidity to the COTI-ETH or GOVI-ETH pools in SushiSwap, you will receive COTI-ETH-SLP or GOVI-ETH-SLP tokens.

On the liquidity mining page, choose the LP tokens you’d like to stake and choose the SushiSwap option:

You can earn $GOVI tokens by staking your SLP tokens.

Don’t forget to claim your $GOVI rewards.

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