Tutorial- Referral Program

3 min readDec 6, 2023

Referral Program: How to Create a Referral Code as an Affiliate

  1. Connect your wallet by clicking the connect button, and select your network.

2. Select the referrals option in the top menu.

3. Go to the affiliate section.

4. In the text box, enter the preferred code you would like to generate for the referral program.

5. Click the create button, and approve the transaction in your web3 wallet.

6. You can verify your rebate history on the dashboard, you can also create new referral codes and see your information as a referee.

Besides Clicking on a Ref Link, You Can Enter a Referral Code Manually

  1. Select the referrals option on the top menu.

2. Choose the Traders option.

3. Enter the referral code you were given in the text box.

4. Hit on the update button and confirm the transaction in your web3 wallet.

5. You can check all your rebate history, volume, and tier on the dashboard.

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