Tutorial — Bridge Your GOVI Tokens from the Ethereum Mainnet to Arbitrum to Participate in the New Staking Program

4 min readJan 10, 2022


We’ve put together an easy-to-understand tutorial hereunder, explaining all the steps to bridge your GOVI tokens from the Ethereum mainnet to the layer-2 network, Arbitrum, in order to participate in the new version of our staking contract.

Arbitrum is one of the main and most popular layer 2 Ethereum solutions, that allows users to have much cheaper and faster transactions.

Please find below the steps to bridge your tokens:

Step 1- Add Arbitrum Chain into your Metamask (Or any other wallet you might use):
There are three different ways to add the Arbitrum network into your wallet. Below we will show the process of each one of them for you to choose.

OPTION 1: To add the Arbitrum Network automatically, click on the Network dropdown on the https://cvi.finance/platform page:

and select the Arbitrum option in the “Select a network” popup:

Then follow the steps on Metamask → Approve → Switch network.

Option 2: You can also add the Arbitrum Network automatically by clicking the “Add L2 Network” button on the top right on the https://bridge.arbitrum.io/ website:

Option 3 You can also add the Arbitrum Network manually by following the steps below:

Click on the metamask extension > click on “Ethereum Mainnet” network > click on “Custom RPC” at the end of the menu, and enter the following:

Step 2: Bridge your GOVI/ETH from Ethereum to Arbitrum One Network:
To bridge token assets, visit bridge.arbitrum.io website.

Please Make sure that your wallet is connected to the Ethereum mainnet network, and that you have ETH on the Ethereum mainnet.

Then, select GOVI to bridge in the token drop-down menu:

Enter the amount of GOVI tokens you want to bridge over in the “L1” field and then press “deposit”. Click on the “deposit” button on the confirmation popup and follow the steps on Metamask:

If it’s your first time bridging GOVI to the Arbitrum One network, you will first need to approve and then confirm the transaction.

After submitting the transaction, the tokens are expected to arrive to Arbitrum One within 10 minutes to 1 hour depending on congestion.

In order to see the tokens on Arbitrum through your wallet once they arrive, make sure it is set on the Arbitrum One network, and add the GOVI token manually (import token) to your wallet (similar to adding any other ERC-20 token in Metamask in order to see the available balance).

The GOVI contract address on Arbitrum is either displayed below the L2 balance or can be found here.

Step 3 — How to Stake GOVI:
Go to the staking page on the CVI platform. Then click on the Stake button in the GOVI V2 row in the available to stake table and follow the steps on Metamask.

Once the transaction is completed, you will see your staked GOVI in GOVI V2 row in the “My staked assets” table.

Please note that GOVI V2 staking uses an auto compound function and all the rewards will be automatically added to your staked amount.

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