The first $CVX claim is now completed

For the full guide on how to claim $CVX tokens from your COTI Pay VIPER wallet, click here.

The CLAIM option was open from October 14th at 6 am UTC for 24 hours, after which comes a 7 day period in which we’ll randomly select a time to do a snapshot to determine eligibility.

We’re humbled to say that many of you have taken the opportunity to claim $CVX and it was a great success.

1077 $COTI holders have participated, of which 137 did it in the first 30 minutes.

*To make sure that distribution is fair, the amount of $COTI that an individual can participate in the claim process is limited to 500K $COTI coins.

We remind you that eligibility for $CVX tokens is according to the following formula =

CVX distributed in the specific claim period * COTI amount in your participating address / Total eligible users amount

Please keep your $COTI coins in your wallet during the next 7 days to reserve your right to receive $CVX, as if you will move it you may miss the snapshot that determines your eligibility

After the snapshot, you can follow the $CVX distribution results here and check your own eligibility to $CVX tokens here.

If you missed the first CLAIM window, don’t worry, you will have more opportunities to do so. Distribution of $CVX to $COTI holders is not a one-time event. The first distribution was the biggest one and then the following distribution will be 10% less and so on, until 3.2M $CVX tokens are distributed when the platform is launched. So stay tuned for future distribution events!

We also remind you that you may also claim $CVX using your COTI ERC20 by posting liquidity to our Uniswap pair.

Get your $CVX!

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CVI is a decentralized volatility index for the crypto space — powered by COTI network