The Crypto Volatility Index — Increases the $GOVI Rewards for Traders

As we constantly evaluate the platform’s incentives we set rewards in order to ensure we encourage the right user behaviour. We are now optimizing towards increasing the platform fees that $GOVI stakers will collect. To make it possible, we are increasing the rewards for trading on the platform (buying and selling a position).

As of March 22nd, we’ll be raising the $GOVI rewards for traders.

Users who open positions can now gain up to 2,700 $GOVI per day! You can see it under the positions tab in the CVI platform.

The results of the increased incentives will be:

  • Increased trading volume
  • Increased $GOVI rewards for traders
  • Higher fees for stakers
  • Higher fees for liquidity providers

$GOVI rewards will be updated weekly, so stay tuned for the next updates.

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