Meet the Crypto Volatility Index (CVI) GitBook

We are happy to share with you the Crypto Volatility Index’ (CVI) GitBook.

GitBook is a modern documentation platform where one can document information about products, APIs, knowledge bases, and many more. By using GitBook, we can share CVI’s knowledge and data with you — our dedicated community, providing you an in-depth understanding of the platform, its tools, and capabilities, in a user-friendly experience.

In CVI’s GitBook, you can find information about the index itself, the technology & architecture, the platform’s features and capabilities, information about $GOVI, and even about the deployed contracts (Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon). In the near future we’ll add documentation about the Volatility Tokens. Furthermore, you can find FAQs and a tutorial video on how to trade on the CVI platform.

Visit CVI’s full GitBook here:

The tutorial video is also available here:

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CVI is a decentralized volatility index for the crypto space — powered by COTI network