Margin Trading is Deployed on the CVI Platform

We are happy to announce that Margin Trading (with X2 leverage trading) is now deployed on the CVI trading platform in the Polygon network. The code is available for review here and has been audited by Peckshield.

The UX for Margin Trading will be available for users on the upcoming V2 platform that has been recently presented and is due to be released in the coming weeks.

This development makes it possible for traders to leverage their positions by X2 (and X3 at a later stage), thus allowing them to access greater sums of capital to enhance their trading strategies. Hence, successful trades are bound to generate larger profits compared to unleveraged trades.

Implementing the margin trading into the CVI platform marks another milestone out of COTI’s 7:

In detail, margin (or leverage) enables the trader to experience the volatility of the CVI multiplied by a factor matching the leverage value. A trader opens a position with leverage of N, which will have the same result as if the trader had placed approximately N times the original amount, and once the position is closed, the matching original debt \ loan needs to be repaid.

Stay tuned for near-future updates!

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