Live Testnet — Concentrated Liquidity (V3) support for the Theta vault

2 min readMar 21


The V3 Concentrated Liquidity testnet is now officially launched for public use, marking an important milestone for the CVI.

This integration promises to revolutionize the way traders handle volatility tokens. With this new implementation, traders can experience minimal slippage on trades while requiring significantly less liquidity than traditional Uniswap V2 type DEXs.

How to use the Uniswap V3 Concentrated Liquidity Testnet:

Step 1: Connecting to the Goerli Network

After setting up a wallet, you need to connect it to the Goerli network. To do this, you will need to modify the network settings in your wallet. For example, in MetaMask, you can accomplish this by selecting “Custom RPC” from the network dropdown.

You will then need to enter the following information to connect to the Goerli testnet:

Network Name: Goerli


Chain ID: 5

Once you have entered this information, save the settings, and switch to the Goerli network.

Step 2: Obtaining Testnet Ether (GOETH) and USDC

To interact with the Goerli testnet, you will need some testnet Ether (GOETH). GOETH can be obtained from several sources, and we suggest using the faucet-

To get testnet Ether from the faucet, log in to Alchemy and enter your wallet address. The testnet Ether should be deposited into your wallet within a few minutes.


Step 3: Using Uniswap

Visit Uniswap:

Import the USDC and CVI testnet contract addresses to your Metamask wallet and exchange some of your GorETH for USDC.

USDC address- 0xc026e41118d073590F26B55374d5BC459b94d443

$CVI address- 0x787A05C1aDd4091C889f78BB4eaA3dCa4bf06d5b

Step 4: Testing CVI Concentrated Liquidity on Testnet

Mint/Burn $CVI tokens on the platform-

Buy/Sell $CVI on Uniswap-

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