Guide: How to get $CVX by posting liquidity using COTI ERC20 on Uniswap

Oct 15, 2020


Starting October 16th, we will be distributing $CVX to COTI ERC20 holders that post liquidity on the COTI ERC20/ETH pair on Uniswap.

A total of 15% (4.8M) $CVX tokens were allocated for liquidity pools incentives, distribution will start after the first liquidity pool is launched and will end when all 4.8M $CVX tokens are distributed.

The amount of $CVX each liquidity provider is eligible for will be set according to random snapshots of the pool on Uniswap. There is no need to claim the $CVX , the eligibility will be automatic and the LP will be able to check it at any time here.

How to add liquidity to the COTI ERC20 / ETH pool on Uniswap

1. Go to

2. Connect Uniswap to your wallet (Metamask, Trust Wallet, Coinbase Wallet, Cypher, etc.)

Click on “Connect your wallet” and follow instructions

3. Add liquidity

Select “Pool” and click on “Add Liquidity”

(Attention! COTI is not yet available in the tokens dropdown — you need to paste the smart contract address to find it)

COTI smart contract: 0xddb3422497e61e13543bea06989c0789117555c5

4. Type the amount of ETH and/or of COTI you want to supply and click “Add Liquidity”

You will be able to check your eligibility for $CVX tokens accordingly at any time directly here, from October 16th, 2020.

Get your $CVX!

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