Get Ready For The 6th $GOVI Claim Period!

It is time for round 6!

In this 6th round, we’ll be distributing 545,100 $GOVI tokens

The sixth CLAIM period will start tomorrow, November 30th at 7am UTC until December 1st at 7am UTC. During this time make sure you follow the claim rules stated below.

During the next 7 days after December 1st at 7am UTC, a random snapshot will take place to determine eligibility.

You may follow a countdown on the CVI website to the time the Claim will be turned on. From the moment the Claim will be enabled, the countdown will count the time until the Claim option will end.

The sixth distribution is of 331,800 $GOVI tokens (10% less than the previous one)

For the full guide on how to claim $GOVI using a COTI Pay Viper wallet, click here.

The sixth distribution is of 213,300 $GOVI tokens (the same amount as the previous one)

For the full guide on how to get $GOVI by posting liquidity using COTI ERC20 on Uniswap, click here.

Note that you can participate in both allocations and even if you have participated in the previous claim periods.

The results of the $GOVI allocation for round 6 will be published next week. You will then be able to see how much $GOVI you are eligible for on the CVI website, here.

Get your $GOVI!

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