Hedge yourself against crypto volatility by trading Volatility Tokens

We are excited to announce that our expected Volatility Tokens are now available on both the secondary markets and the CVI platform!

Volatility Tokens are a groundbreaking solution for trading crypto volatility. The tokens are the first of their kind funding-fee-adjusted-rebased volatility Tokens. The unique underlying technology allows them to maintain a peg to their respective range-bound volatility index (either CVI or ETHVI). The end result is a product similar to the hugely popular VIX ETNs of the traditional stock market, fully adapted for crypto markets.

Volatility Tokens have succeeded in bringing a new way of trading volatility, while rendering CVI perfectly compatible with the greater Defi ecosystem, thus achieving another major milestone.

ETHVOL was the first Volatility Token we launched, and it is pegged to our new ETHVI index, which tracks the implied volatility on Ethereum.

ETHVOL can be traded on the Ethereum based DEX Uniswap V2, attracting the attention of traders and arbitrageurs when there is a difference in prices between the Uniswap and the CVI platform.

CVOL, is the first volatility token in the market that is pegged to the implied volatility of both Ethereum and Bitcoin, by being pegged to the CVI index. CVOL can be traded in the Polygon network on QuickSwap.

All the volatility Tokens’ arbitrage-related operations performed on the main platform (mint / burn) will result in an increase in collected fees distributed to GOVI stakers.

Buying ETHVOL and CVOL tokens on secondary markets is equivalent to taking a long position on ETHVI and CVI indexes. But unlike opening a position on the platform, when you buy Volatility Tokens:

1- You can sell it immediately on secondary markets, no lockup period

2- There are no purchase/sell fees

3- Stake your LP tokens and earn GOVI rewards, and Uniswap/Quickswap fees. There is no lockup period on claiming your GOVI.

The below image summarizes our new CVI ecosystem looks like:

The Volatility Token development project was a very challenging one. We have compiled all the relevant technical info in an easy-to-read litepaper to shed some light on the logic behind each step of its development. You can read it here.

Along with them, the Volatility Tokens bring major benefits to the entire ecosystem:

Users can now buy or mint ETHVOL/CVOL tokens to provide liquidity to ETHVOL-USDC pool on Uniswap and CVOL-USDC pool on QuickSwap. They can then stake their ETVOL-USDC and CVOL-USDC LP tokens on the CVI platform.

This will allow users to earn fees from every transaction done in the Uniswap or QuickSwap pools, while earning GOVI rewards on the platform.

Every ETHVOL/CVOL token holder pays a funding fee to the liquidity providers of the USDC pool on ETHVI/CVI platforms, so liquidity providers will profit from all the ETHVOL and CVOL tokens in circulation.

In addition, there is a mint/burn function equivalent to opening and closing position where you pay mint (purchase) and burn sell fees that go to the GOVI stakers. ETHVOL and CVOL tokens are minted against the liquidity in the USDC pool on ETHVI and CVI platforms.

When the market is fluctuating, investors should ensure that they implement strategies that “manage” risk and uncertainty. We invite you to take part in what is bound to be the next big thing in DeFi by providing liquidity, trading volatility and taking arbitrage opportunities.

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CVI is a decentralized volatility index for the crypto space — powered by COTI network

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CVI is a decentralized volatility index for the crypto space — powered by COTI network

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