CVI Teams up with Alchemist Crucible

3 min readDec 16, 2021


We are happy to bring you the launch of the $GOVI rewards program using MIST/ETH LP!

The Alchemist/CVI rewards program will be live from December 16th at 4:30 PM, UTC, and visible on the Alchemist website a few hours before launch.

Head over to and navigate to ‘Rewards Programs’ in order to subscribe to the ‘Alchemist/CVI Rewards’ program.

Crucible holders who are subscribed to the Alchemist/CVI rewards program will receive rewards in the form of the CVI governance token ‘$GOVI’.

Crucible holders are now able to tap into one of the most powerful features; in this case, they can use MIST/ETH LP to subscribe to multiple independent rewards programs at the same time while utilizing the same token balance.

The Alchemist / CVI Rewards Program

Live now at Crucible holders can subscribe MIST/ETH LP to the Alchemist/CVI rewards program and receive $GOVI as a reward. This is similar to the Aludel v1.5 which allows Crucible holders to subscribe to MIST/ETH LP to receive rewards from the MIST bi-weekly inflation events.

Crucible holders with MIST/ETH LP who have already subscribed to Aludel v1.5 will also be able to subscribe that same MIST/ETH LP to the Alchemist/CVI Rewards program, without having to claim and unsubscribe. Crucible holders will now be able to gain rewards from the same LP they are already providing by subscribing to the new rewards program.

To claim $GOVI rewards, Crucible holders will still need to claim and unsubscribe from the rewards program. One of the benefits $GOVI token rewards have is that they can be staked on the CVI platform for additional rewards and participate in the CVI DAO governance votes.

“The Crypto Volatility Index (CVI) team is glad to be launching this new pool for stakers of MIST/ETH LP.

By distributing GOVI, the governance token of the CVI platform (, as rewards, we welcome users to be part of our community, stake GOVI for additional rewards, and help hedge traders against market volatility and impermanent loss” — Yair Testa, Business development manager at CVI.

The Alchemist team will host us for a special AMA on their Discord channel, at 4:00 PM UTC.

Join us:

About Alchemist Crucible

Alchemist Crucible offers Reward programs designed with capital efficiency in mind. Imagine a world where a token balance can be reutilized for multiple reward programs to earn you even more rewards. A Crucible is more than just a smart wallet, it’s a vault in the form of an NFT. It’s designed to safeguard your investments, allowing you to receive rewards from multiple staking programs without your tokens ever leaving your possession.

To learn more about the Crucible and become a Certified Alchemist, read more at and join the Alchemist discord

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