CVI Platform Upgrades and Migration from USDT to USDC are Now Available!

Following our recent update, we are happy to share that the platform has been updated, and the migration from the USDT to USDC pools is now available.

You can now easily migrate your USDT liquidity to USDC on both the Ethereum and Polygon networks. Users who have provided liquidity and need to migrate their funds will see the migration pop-up that will guide them through the quick process:

The migration process is simple, fast, and secure. Moreover, all liquidity providers who complete the migration process will receive GOVI tokens rewards.

Please also note that once liquidity providers complete the migration, they need to manually stake their new CVI-USDC LP Tokens in the staking section of the CVI platform to continue receiving GOVI rewards.

As mentioned before, migrating from USDT pools to USDC ones will allow platform improvements, such as an improved AMM, margin trading in the new pools, and composability with the upcoming volatility tokens

On top of the migration, we are very happy to share that we have implemented an upgrade to the platform AMM, which includes:

  • Implementation of a dynamic purchase fee, which will be calculated depending on the collateral ratio. Meaning, when there is a high demand for long positions, liquidity providers will be compensated with higher fees rewards.

These features are aimed to balance the platform experience and protect liquidity providers against significant spikes in volatility that could appear in the market, without hurting traders’ experience.

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