CVI Management & Status Update

4 min readJun 27, 2023


We are excited to share a significant development in the CVI project: the core development team behind CVI has spun to an independent entity, reaffirming its commitment to decentralization and longevity of the project. While the team retains its valuable expertise, CVI has embarked on a new chapter under the guidance of new Managing partners as a new leadership that is fully committed to our vision and the ongoing roadmap, including the leveraged volatility tokens($UCV), the Hedging vault and the awaited referral program. This article provides an update on the ongoing developments and introduces the newly onboarded members of the core team.

Roadmap Status Update

The CVI team remains focused on delivering the milestones outlined in the roadmap, which serves as the foundation of our mission to be the go-to platform in the DeFi crypto volatility market. Here is an update on the current progress:

Technical Enhancements and Infrastructure Expansion:

In the recent decade, volatility trading products based on the market fear index of traditional finance have exploded in popularity. Thanks to the launch of ETPs such as UVXY & VXX(leveraged fear index products) which caused to an exponential growth in open interest for the Market fear index futures and now have average daily volumes in billions of dollars, due to the fact that they have attracted traders of all cadres — from institutional investors, and day traders, to retail and funds seeking hedging on their portfolio.

Over the past few weeks, our team has diligently worked on optimizing the CVI infrastructure to accommodate the introduction of Ultra CVI ($UCVI) — a leveraged volatility token. This involved enhancing support for multiple volatility tokens and vaults across CVI’s blockchain infrastructure, software development kit (SDK) and frontend. These technical advancements pave the way for an enhanced user experience and increased functionality, all of which will attract all types of traders similar to the traditional fear index ETP’s.

UCVI Testnet Launch with Concentrated Liquidity DEX:

We are thrilled to announce that UCVI will soon be launched on a testnet in the next quarter. Building on the successful implementation of concentrated liquidity for the Theta Vault, we are gearing up for the UCVI testnet release.

The impact of concentrated liquidity on efficiency of the dex liquidity:

Introducing the Hedging Vault:

Our team is also working on developing an in-house Hedging Vault, which will provide traders and liquidity providers with enhanced risk management capabilities. While details are currently kept under wraps, rest assured that this development is poised to drive significant growth and deliver substantial benefits to our users and the protocol as a whole. Similar to the Theta Vault, the Hedging Vault promises to be a game-changer in the industry.

Referral Program on the Horizon:

We are delighted to announce that a referral program is in the works and will soon be implemented. This highly anticipated feature has been a priority for us, and with our strengthened professional team, we are working diligently to expedite its completion. The referral program will play a vital role in realizing the CVI vision, complementing the introduction of Ultra CVI and the Hedging Vault.

New leadership

After spinning off, CVI now has new leadership, built from the core development team and with two new managers. who have made substantial financial investments in the company that develops CVI’s, looking to unlock its full potential, and maximizing its reach. We are happy to introduce Moshe Cohen and Lior Siva, two accomplished serial entrepreneurs with a proven track record in the internet industry and the founders of several successful technology projects. Moshe and Lior will lead CVI and together with the core team will push CVI further!


CVI’s transition to an independent entity, coupled with the addition of our new management team and new funding marks an exciting evolution for the platform. CVI’s unwavering commitment to the roadmap with the introduction of $UCVI, the Hedging Vault and the referral structure reflects its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of traders and investors. The puzzle pieces are finally coming together and we are all excited for the future!

We would like to invite everyone to join our vibrant community on our social channels. If you have any questions, our team & community are always on stand-by and eager to assist.


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