CVI Launches $GOVI Vote for Olympus Pro-bond Program

2 min readFeb 28, 2022

We are pleased to announce that our 1st CVI community vote is officially open to $GOVI token-holders. Through this initiative, we are giving our community a chance to decide if we should implement the Olympus Pro-Bond Program to the CVI protocol.

What is the Olympus Pro-Bond Program?

Olympus Pro is a decentralized industry-leading platform that enables platforms like CVI to manage their liquidity through a mechanism called “bonding”. Through the Olympus Pro-Bond Program, CVI protocol will be able to own its $GOVI liquidity, thereby providing an additional liquidity mechanism to the protocol.

Through the bonding mechanism, users can trade in their $GOVI at a discounted rate to the CVI protocol, where it will adequately utilized and never sold — thereby equipping the protocol with an additional source of liquidity.

What are the benefits of the Olympus Pro-Bond Program?

Some of the benefits of the Pro-bond program include:

  • An additional source of liquidity that will be maintained by the CVI protocol
  • A reliable, long-term $GOVI liquidity source
  • An increased liquidity treasury value that earns trading fees
  • Exposure to paired assets in the ETH liquidity pools

When and how can I vote?

We will be using our Snapshot Space to allow our community members to cast their votes on this Olympus Pro-Bond Initiative.

Some important points to note regarding the vote:

  • There are no transaction costs or gas fees associated with voting
  • You need $GOVI and a MetaMask or compatible crypto wallet in order to participate
  • Voting is open for 72 hours and will end on Monday, February 28th, 2022

Follow the instructions below to vote:

Head over to the snapshot page: and connect your MetaMask wallet.

Simply review the proposal, and select your preferred option, then click Vote:

We will be sharing an update with the community on the results once the voting period ends. In the meantime, we encourage $GOVI holders to participate in the initiative by voting.

Some additional links to Olympus Pro-Bond are below:

- What is Olympus PRO

- How to get a bond:

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