Crypto Volatility Index (CVI) Next Milestones

It’s been less than a year since we released the Crypto Volatility Index (CVI) on MainNet. Since then, we’ve shared several of our achievements, including the launch of CVI version 2, the addition of Polygon to the platform, integration with The Graph and Dune Analytics, listing the project on DeFi Pulse and DappRaddar, listing $GOVI on KuCoin, 1inch, and Orion Terminal, and many more. Along the way, we continued to improve and upgrade the Crypto Volatility Index.

The DeFi space is very fast-moving, and we’re constantly working to evaluate where things are going and where we can provide added value to the market. Proud and grateful for the support of our community, we would like to share with you our Next CVI Milestones:

  • Platform improvements and Balancing

You have asked and we have listened: Following the release of V2, the dev team have been working on a series of features designed to improve risk metrics for liquidity providers, more frequent trading, as well as the ability to profit from short term index movements.

  • Volatility Tokens: ETHVOL release

We believe volatility trading is the next major advancement in DeFi. The architecture of our Volatility Tokens is based on the first of their kind — funding fee adjusted leveraged rebased volatility tokens. The first Volatility token we launched is ETHVOL (USDC-ETH), soon to be traded on any Ethereum based DEXs, attracting the attention of traders, DEXs and Arbitrageurs when there is a difference in prices between the two markets.

  • Governance and launch of the GOVI DAO

DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) envision organizations that are owned and managed by its members with all of them having a voice. Therefore, we are launching the GOVI DAO to give the GOVI token holders the opportunity to decide on the direction of the CVI platform.

Holders of the $GOVI token can vote on matters such as the tradable assets, leverage used, deposit amounts, platform fees, and more. The more $GOVI you hold, the greater your influence on the voting results will be.

  • Impermanent-loss Protection system for DEX users

This is a game changer: Volatility Tokens will bring a new and innovative utility to the crypto market as a whole.

Our planned system allows liquidity providers on DEXs and AMMs to protect themselves from Impermanent Loss on liquidity pools, when one of the assets becomes volatile.

Our planned system will allow users to deposit their LP token on our platform, automatically building a hedge and protecting themselves against impermanent loss at a very low cost.

  • Arbitrum Optimistic rollup chain

As Ethereum Layer2 solutions have finally reached full usability, as well as part of our goal to be available in multiple chains and multiple layers — we are planning to deploy the CVI platform to the Optimistic Rollup chain Arbitrum. This deployment will allow users to trade volatility with cheaper gas fees compared to the ones currently paid by using layer1 on the Ethereum mainnet, while still relying on its security.

  • Leveraged Volatility Tokens

Among the flagship products of the growing CVI ecosystem, we’re excited to be launching the crypto equivalent of the VIX ultra-popular leveraged VIX ETNs (which have daily volumes exceeding $2B).

As crypto markets are significantly more volatile than regular financial markets, these tokens are key to the vast adoption of the CVI as a tool for every DeFi trader. The CVI Leveraged volatility tokens will, in addition, increase capital efficiency and allow interoperability with other DeFi platforms.

  • Increasing cooperation with On-Chain Data Oracles

We are planning to expand our cooperation with Oracle protocols and add new integrations. Among the use cases are maintaining the new volatility tokens peg to their respective index.

  • New coins

In addition to the USDT, ETH and USDC pools already live on the platform, we are planning to introduce new coins to the platform, including COTI, of course.
This will enable a wider range of users positions or provide liquidity to the CVI platform, onboarding additional DeFi communities.

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CVI is a decentralized volatility index for the crypto space — powered by COTI network