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2 min readMar 8, 2022


Last Wednesday (March 2nd, 2022), Chainlink hosted us for a successful meetup in Tel-Aviv. We had the pleasure of meeting subject matter experts and blockchain leaders at the event, where Yoni, our Chief Innovation Officer, was the main speaker.

During the event, Yoni spoke about CVI’s journey from inception to its current phase. Yoni explained how CVI utilizes Chainlink’s Keepers to predict the markets and also provided a glimpse of CVI’s upcoming ecosystem features.

“The performance of the CVI volatility tokens (CVOL, ETHVOL) over the last four months has exceeded our expectations. We have seen arbitrageurs keep the tokens pegged to their indices, especially on the low-gas polygon platform. In the near future, we will launch an important phase in the CVI protocol — leveraging Chainlink’s Keepers to support one-click token minting and burning.

Our main goal for 2022 is increased adoption of the CVI platform. For us to achieve this, we need the perfect balance of good product-market fit and an appealing UX for traders. The ability to mint or burn the volatility tokens with one simple click is key for their wide adoption across the DeFi ecosystem. Very soon, users will have a multitude of easy-to-use funnels to take positions on volatility with the click of a few buttons. This could be done on either a DEX or on the CVI platform.”

-Yoni Neeman, CVI’s Chief Investment Officer

Overall, we were glad to share CVI’s vision and use-case to a room filled with experts in crypto and DeFi. The feedback received from guests was positive and enlightening, and we are happy we got the chance to showcase CVI’s role in the ongoing expansion of crypto markets. We look forward to more events and collaborations!

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