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  1. COTI is launching CVI, the first decentralized version of the VIX for the crypto market, covering major crypto assets.
  2. We have created CVI so that traders can hedge themselves against volatility or lack thereof.
  3. CVI is created by computing a decentralized volatility index from cryptocurrency option prices together with analyzing the market’s expectation of future volatility and working in a decentralized fashion by using a network of decentralized…

The CVI team was invited to the GEM Collectors Telegram group for a live AMA discussing all about the Crypto Volatility Index.

Welcome Team CVI to the Gem Collector’s! 🏆🙌
CVI is something totally new from the COTI team. Can you tell us something about this phenomenon?

Sure. Crypto Volatility Index (CVI) is a revolutionary and first-of-its-kind decentralized Crypto Volatility Index for the crypto market. https://www.cvi.finance/

The CVI brings a new set of tools to the DeFi space. Users can:

We have now opened our liquidity mining program for rHEGIC2 token holders. Users who provide liquidity to the rHEGIC2- ETH pool on Uniswap can now stake their rHEGIC2- ETH LP tokens and earn $GOVI rewards.

The staking contract can also be found at this address: 0x93b61632Ed13C546A005BD8DF8d51FaF144BADe5

The rewards plan for rHEGIC2-ETH will continue for at least one month, with the possibility of increasing the $GOVI rewards amount during this period of time.

We are happy to share that $GOVI is live on Blockfolio Signal and the Crypto Volatility Index (CVI) users can now receive ongoing updates via their Blockfolio app.

Blockfolio is the world’s leading cryptocurrency portfolio tracker app and broadcasting on Blockfolio Signal will allow us to reach $GOVI holders and constantly inform you on new developments and other exciting announcements.

Watch $GOVI on the Blockfolio app:

Following yesterday’s update about doubling the $GOVI rewards for traders, we are now opening a new incentive plan for those who provide liquidity on SushiSwap.

This allows The Crypto Volatility Index greater exposure to the Defi community while growing more liquidity to $GOVI.

The pairs are available here: ETH-COTI or ETH-GOVI

How to do it?

After providing liquidity to the COTI-ETH or GOVI-ETH pools in SushiSwap, you will receive COTI-ETH-SLP or GOVI-ETH-SLP tokens.

On the liquidity mining page, choose the LP tokens you’d like to stake and choose the SushiSwap option:

As we constantly evaluate the platform’s incentives we set rewards in order to ensure we encourage the right user behaviour. We are now optimizing towards increasing the platform fees that $GOVI stakers will collect. To make it possible, we are increasing the rewards for trading on the platform (buying and selling a position).

As of March 22nd, we’ll be raising the $GOVI rewards for traders.

Users who open positions can now gain up to 2,700 $GOVI per day! You can see it under the positions tab in the CVI platform.

By Tomer Armarnik, COTI’s Software engineer and one of CVI’s top developers

Part of today’s various DeFi platforms appeal is their users’ expectations. They revolve not only around their main functionalities, but also around the expected additional benefits such as rewards in various forms. The purpose of the rewards is, on one hand, to attract potential new users to the platform by introducing them to its main functionalities, and on the other hand to retain them after they have had the occasion to observe the overall benefits in using the platform. The rewards distribution should be made with transparency and…

On Friday, around 14:00 UTC, our team discovered a critical bug in the new Ethereum platform contract that was launched last Thursday. The nature of the bug would have potentially allowed an exploit and we have taken immediate actions to protect our users by halting the platform and fixing the bug. The USDT platform was not affected by this bug.

It’s important to note that throughout the process, all users’ funds were safe.

We were able to identify and immediately fix this potential exploit through the Security Systems we have put in place when we have first launched the platform…

We are happy to announce we have successfully reached one of our major milestones for CVI in Q1, the Ethereum platform!

Users can now connect with Metamask, deposit ETH and buy positions or provide liquidity to the platform.

Users can also stake their CVI-ETH-LP tokens and get $GOVI rewards.


As we continue to develop the CVI trading platform, we are happy to present another ticked milestone in the CVI Roadmap: Gas Optimization

Gas Costs are a major concern in ETH based on-chain applications, especially with the recent surge in gas prices.

We are proud to announce that we succeeded to cut down up to 50% of gas costs with our optimized code.

While the entire ecosystem waits for Ethereum to improve congestion, we have actively improved our contracts to reach lower gas costs by usage data evaluation. We have improved our Solidity code by reducing our digital footprint as…


CVI is a decentralized volatility index for the crypto space — powered by COTI network

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